8th Edition

7th Edition

What would you do if you were given a second chance to change what you wanted? Are there second chances? On Tuesday, November 17, we invite you to discover what happens when you dare to BE REBORN.

6th Edition

Welcome to the sixth edition of Ascending Mind!

This time, we wear pink to commemorate all the women who year after year fight to defeat breast cancer. In our Sixth Edition we will have female speakers, who have managed to lead an exemplary life when everything works against them.

Emma Roca

5th Edition

Ascending Mind fifth edition.

Irán Cruz

4th Edition

Ascending Mind fourth edition.

3rd Edition

Ascending Mind third edition.

2nd Edition

Ascending Mind second edition.

1st Edition

Luis Von Ahn, Juan Carlos Sagastume, Alan Tenenbaum, and many more will share experiences and tips to overcome, lifting our mind and our spirit!

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