Featured Speakers

AscendingMind 3nd. Edition

  • Erick Barrondo

    Erick Barrondo

    Elite Athlete / Olympic Medalist

He is a Guatemalan athlete born in the village Chiyuc de San Cristóbal, Alta Verapaz. He is a son of farmers. Barrondo is a professional racewalker. In the 2012 Summer Olympics Erick Barrondo came in second place in the 20 km race. He is the first and only athlete who has won an olympic medal for Guatemala. At the Panamerican Games in Guadalajara in 2011, Barrondo won a gold medal after finishing in first place for the 20 km race. Erick Barrondo set the youth world record in 2010 for a 10 km race.

  • Carlos De Santiago

    Carlos de Santiago

    Consultant / Coach and speaker in leadership and change management

Sales and marketing director, consultant, coach and speaker in leadership and change management. Active collaborator for the Guatemalan Managers Association (agg.org.gt) and the Guatemalan Industrial Chamber (cig.industriaguate.com). Certified coach in leadership at The John Maxwell Team (johnmaxwellteam.com), expert professional certification in change management at the Human Change Management Institute (hucmi.com) and international certified coach in PNL at the Human Coaching Network (hcnworld.com), engineer with more than 20 years of experience in different corporate management and leadership positions. Author of the recently published book in February 2020 "Gerente del Cambio" (The Change Manager).

  • Pedro Amador

    Pedro Amador

    International Speakers

International Speaker and Founder of Happiness Play. (Technology of Happiness - Autocoaching) He is considered in Spain and Latin America as a pioneering international speaker in communication and personal and professional growth. He is an Engineer and has a Master’s degree from ESADE Business School and has collaborated numerous times on TV, radio and press. He has developed the world's first technology, Happiness-Play (based on the Autocoaching Methodology), which allows you to work on your happiness. Author of three personal growth books, dozens of articles and a blog-book.

  • Ashley Williams

    Ashley “la gringa” Williams

    Social Activist / CEO Serigrafia de la Gringa 

I am an "out of the box" thinker. I face challenges of every kind with hope, faith, strength and perseverance. I have overcome significant personal obstacles that continue to shape who I am and my vision for the future. My passion is to provide education and job opportunities to those who would otherwise have none. My goal is to create sustainable change from prison for communities caught in the cycle of violence. I moved to Guatemala when I was only 18 to start this job. I have lived in Guatemala City for 14 years and built a business focusing on labor rehabilitation for people in prison, “Serigrafía de la Gringa”, which provides education, life training, business skills, and jobs for those behind bars. My job is my heart beating outside of my body. I am currently in my fifth year of Law studies in Guatemala.

Featured Speakers

AscendingMind 2nd. Edition

  • Maya Alonzo

    Maya Alonzo

    Speaker / Business trainer/ Radio host

Logotherapist, existential analyst, speaker, business trainer and radio host. She is one of the most listened female voices in the country. She has shared her knowledge throughout Latin America with patients, businessmen, organizations and audiences through mass media. She debuts as an author in 2020, presenting the book "Despierta", an invitation to fearlessly live our humanity and make our existence a legitimate experience.

  • Eric Campos

    Eric Campos

    Leader of Banking / Innovator

General and Country Manager of BAC Credomatic Guatemala since 2017. Previously he served as COO for BAC banking operations in the region, as well as Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) for Central America and Panama of BAC Credomatic. Eric joined the organization in 2000 as Commercial Manager in BAC San José, Costa Rica and from 2003 to 2009 he was Manager for Corporate, Business and SME Banking. Previously, he served as Regional Financial Manager for one of the largest supermarket chains in the region with presence in Central America and the Caribbean. Economist and MBA from INCAE.

  • Claudia Restrepo

    Claudia Restrepo

    Entrepreneur / Top Real Estate Agent

Claudia is a real estate agent with Keller Williams International Realty’s (KWRI) Legacy Group in Spokane, Washington and Operating Principal (OP) at the Coral Gables-Coconut Grove office. She arrived in the U.S. from Colombia in 2003, alone and not speaking a word of English. Within five years, she built a successful Team in Spokane, closing million dolar transactions in 2018. She moved to the Miami area in 2013 and became the new Operating Partner for the Coral Gables and Coconut Grove Market Center.

  • Ty Fredrickson

    Dr. Ty Frederickson

    Coach in leadership / University Professor

He has twenty years of secondary classroom experience, eleven years have been working in international education in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. He is a former Literature and Theory of Knowledge instructor for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

He has spent the last seventeen years developing social justice, service learning, and leadership development programs for secondary and post-secondary students, educators, and administrators.

  • Andrea Cardona

    Andrea Cardona

    Mountain climber / Speaker / Team Coach

Due to her perseverance, Andrea Cardona on May 23, 2010 became the first Guatemalan and Central American woman to reach the Everest Peak and place our flag at such an important summit. In order to do that, she had to train for two years and climb 13 mountains before going to Everest. In 2012, Andrea became the first person in Latin America to ski at both poles, and climb the highest mountain on each continent (Explores GrandSlam).

  • Patricia Marshall

    Patricia Marshall

    Education Expert / General Director at CAG

She has served in leadership positions in international, private and independent schools for over 28 years. Her expertise is centered on strategic planning, organizational development and nonprofit organizations leadership. Her work lies within the philosophy of advancing organizations through the change of paradigms in order to achieve learning environments that are all about the ‘child’. Patricia Marshall is the General Director at the American School of Guatemala.

  • Roberto Cervantes

    Roberto Cervantes

    Lawyer and notary /  Mmultidimensional Coaching / Thanatological

Graduated from Disney Institute in quality service, customer loyalty, leadership and organizational creativity. Founding member of the AGH, Association of Human Resources Managers, from which he was president for 2 periods. Founding member of the Guatemalan Coaching Association and Advisor to the Board of Directors. University professor at various universities in the country and full member of the Board of Directors of the Municipal Social and Sports Club.

  • Ariánne Engelberg

    Ariánne Engelberg

    Creative / Innovative / Entrepreneur

She is the Co-founder and Creative Director of The New Denim Project, a sustainable design laboratory and supra-recycled textile factory. It Collects textile waste from jeans manufacturers, and regenerates this material to create new fabrics, transforming them into products under a circular economy model. The manufacturing process is chemical free and uses minimal water and energy. Eco-industrial techniques reduce the consumption of new products, minimize the waste of virgin raw materials, and reuse discarded textiles and fibers to extend their useful life, creating ethical, clean and high-end products.

  • Henry Lewin

    Henry Lewin

    Entrepreneur / University Professor

Entrepreneur, passionate, university professor of the FAILURE class in the careers Entrepreneurship, Administration and Engineering  at the UFM. Founder of Green Rush, space in the middle of nature focused on promoting environmental awareness.

  • Bárbara Sacché

    Bárbara Sacché

    Digital Content Creator / Innovative

Barbara Sacché, originally from San Andrés Xecul, Totonicapán. She is currently living in Huehuetenango. Business Administration student. She once said: “From each experience, regardless of whether it is negative or positive, the most important thing is to learn and overcome”.

  • Karla Ruiz Cofiño

    Karla Ruiz Cofiño

    Digital Strategist / Specialist in Social Networks

She has dedicated to help people understand how to use technology to connect with the world and use their influence to improve it! Within all of her activities, her passion is educating parents about citizenship and digital well-being.

  • Stefan Kaltschmitt

    Stefan Kaltschmitt

    Social communicator / Co-founder of Radio Infinit

In the development of my career as a communicator, I noticed the potential that has the communication to transform thinking and impact lives in soul, body and spirit.
It is from this arena that I was born with the passion to share, as far as my own improvement, that it´s a gift for others.

  • Luis Adolfo Garcia Cordova

    Luis Adolfo García Córdova

    Educational Project Manager / University Professor

Luis Adolfo García Córdova was born in Salamá, Baja Verapaz. During his childhood, he lost his parents. He devoted himself to many occupations to subsist, living alone from an early age without stopping studying.

After high school, he earned scholarships and graduated as a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master's in Public Management and Leadership. During the bachelor degree he studied courses in economics and administration outside the country.

  • Juan Carlos Leal

    Juan Carlos Leal

    Consultant / Entrepreneur / Trainer

Industrial Engineer, and MBA from the Francisco Marroquín University, in process for the certification The John Maxwell Team USA.
Founding Partner and General Manager of CENDETH. - Center for the Development of Human Talent, a company focused on business training and consulting. He is also a consultant in Quality Management and Continuous Improvement, Financial and Commercial Strategies, Productive Leadership and Culture of Customer Service, for the Business sector, SMEs and Public Administration.
Previously, he worked at Excel Automotive for 15 years, during that time he was Operations Manager and General Manager of the Spare Parts and Accessories area.

Featured Speakers

AscendingMind 1st. Edition

  • Luis Von Ahn

    Luis Von Ahn


Guatemalan, worldwide recognized for his contributions in Crowdsourcing, creator of CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA and Duolingo language learning platform.  He has also been recognized as one of the brightest minds today.

  • Julio Zelaya

    Julio Zelaya

    Global expert in Entrepreneurship

Global expert in entrepreneurship, transformation, personal and organizational change management. With broad experience as a consultant and certified coach. Founder of Universidad Corporativa Digital, Escolaris, Emprende U and Fábrica de Sueños. Director at The RBL Group of the United States, the company founded and directed by Dave Ulrich.

  • Juan Carlos Sagastume

    Juan Carlos Sagastume

    Sportsman / Businessman / Speaker

Guatemalan, born in Petén, is an extreme athlete with more than thirty years of experience. He is the first Latin American to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat. Among many other achievements, is the first person in the world to cross the Uyuni salt without stopping.

  • Kenneth Muller

    Kenneth Müller

    Producer / Director / Writer

From 2005 to 2019, he had the opportunity to direct and produce more than 1,000 audiovisual projects for world-renowned brands, artists and organizations. Winner of the Netflix award for his movie "12 segundos" as the best Independent Production. Two of his movies are globally distributed by Netflix and FOX.

  • Jaime Viñals

    Jaime Viñals

    Climbing / Motivational Speaker

Guatemalan mountaineer, the first in Central America to climb the highest peak on the planet, Mount Everest. He is the only male mountaineer in the region that reached the Seven Summits, which includes the highest mountains on the seven continents. Also known as an excellent motivational speaker and conference man.

  • Yara Argueta

    Yara Argueta


Successful Guatemalan businesswoman, founder of CAVIDA association, which finances studies for low-income youth, former Director of FUNDESA and member of the Mergers & Acquisitions board of directors. She was named Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

  • Emilio Mendez

    Emilio Méndez Bonetto

    Futurist / Disruptor / Creator

Director of Saúl E. Méndez, co-founder of GuateÁmala and first president of Fundación Proyecto de Vida. Emilio has a degree in Tailoring and Design from the London College of Fashion. Since 1994 he has directed the reinvention of the Saúl E. Méndez brand. He has also directed social, urban and commercial initiatives such as: Despertemos Guatemala, 4 Grados Norte and Saúl Farmers Market. As a writer, he published the book “Totalmente ON”, an autobiography that reveals some secrets of the brand's evolution

  • Trae Holland

    Trae Holland

    Educational Leader / Non-Profit Specialist

Trae is Executive Director/Head of School of Safe Passage, an educational and outreach organization serving the communities surrounding Guatemala City’s garbage dump. With over 30 years in education and work serving at-risk communities, he has also founded an international sustainability firm and led strategic planning, financial management and organizational reform initiatives for non-profits in the US and Latin America.

  • Alan Tenenbum

    Alan Tenenbaum

    Writer / Speaker

Born in Guatemala, recognized for his successful book "En la silla de Morfeo" and his talks "Everything changes in nothing", "Things can always be worse", "Allowed to fall ... mandatory to get up", "Family # 1", among others.  Awarded as illustrious Guatemalan in 2016.

  • Luis Pedro Peralta

    Luis Pedro Peralta

    Entrepeneur / Creative

Entrepeneur and creative; at the age of 19 when he was in university, he decided to start a company with a friend, his project was a cart of "shucos" (hot dogs). He is currently partner of 17 restaurants, 2 bars and an advertising agency. He is a professor of the Bachelor's Degree in Nutritional Gastronomy and Entrepreneurship

  • Jeremy Utley

    Jeremy Utley

    Innovation Expert

He is currently the director of Executive Education at the Design Thinking school with organizations at Standford University. In this role, he advises professionals and organizations on how to incorporate design thinking tools and cultivate an innovative organizational culture. He also teaches advanced courses of the same methodology focused on creating an impact in the real world.

  • Juan Pablo Romero

    Juan Pablo Romero

    Community Leader / Entrepreneur / Visionary

Guatemalan teacher, at the age of 23, turned part of his family house into a community center. He began tutoring and mentoring to children group. Currently this program offers free classes, tutoring, food and medical care at low cost. His organization “Los Patojos” has helped more than 1,000 children. In 2014 he was nominated and part of the Top Ten of CNN HEROES for children and youth community and rights.

  • Juan Antonio Mazariegos

    Juan Antonio Mazariegos

    Lawyer / Businessman

Founder and Partner of the law firm Alegalis. It has been recognized as "Leading Individual" by the international ranking Chambers & Partners (2015; 2017) based on the positive response of the market. He is also a founder, partner and director of companies in various industries such as commerce, real estate, financial and pharmaceutical businesses.

  • Nancy Sandoval

    Dr. Nancy Sandoval Paiz

    Infectologist / Physician and surgeon

Physician and Surgeon graduated from USAC. Specialty in Internal Medicine Roosevelt´s Hospital. International Master in Tropical Parasitic Diseases from University of Valencia, Spain. Master in Infectious Diseases from del Mar´s Hospital, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. Current president of the Guatemalan Association of Infectious Diseases and Infectologist of the Roosevelt´s Hospital

  • Daniela de la Fuente

    Daniela de La Fuente


Entrepreneur in the beauty world, she works as director in Talkin Heads salon, which provides work for almost 200 people, impacting the lives of several families in the country. Creator of new concepts in beauty and personal care business.

  • Mario Sanchez

    Mario Sánchez

    Dean of Students CAG

He has 28 years of experience in teaching at secondary and university levels. Specialized in Mathematics and Physical Sciences, he has also been in educational administration. Satisfied for the opportunity to support young people to find meaning in their lives.

  • Vicky Flores

    Victoria Flores

    Radio and Television  Host / Motivational Writer

International radio host on radio programs broadcast in Central America and Argentina. Television host, writer on motivational issues for magazines, theater and film actress, municipal firefighter for more than 17 years, creator of libraries in different parts of Chiquimula.

  • Roxanna Ruiz Cabarrús

    Dr. Roxanna Ruiz Cabarrús

    Physician and Surgeon / Psychiatris

President for two consecutive periods of the APsG Psychiatric Association of Guatemala and President of the board of directors of the Central American and Caribbean Association ACCAP.

Honorary Member for: Excellence in Service of the World Psychiatric Association WPA, Coordinator of Human Behavior and Psychiatry of the UFM School of Medicine, Founder of the Wellbeing and Resilience program of the School of Medicine. University teaching since 2000, Wife and Mother.

  • Miguel Sagastume

    Miguel Sagastume

    Marathon Runner / Speaker

Ultramarathon runner and extreme adventurer on diverse continents of the planet. Founder of
"Amigos de la aldea", a social enterprise that facilitates access to solar energy solutions
in rural communities with the purpose of improving the quality of life through
of practical and accessible solutions.

  • Carlos López Ayerdi

    Carlos López Ayerdi

    Professional Photographer / Speaker

Professional photographer, nowadays considered the driving force behind documentary wedding photography in Guatemala. He has made different photographic exhibitions in recent years, most related to Guatemalan culture.

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