Time of crisis, time of opportunities

Juan Carlos Leal


Industrial Engineer, and MBA from the Francisco MarroquĂ­n University, in process for the certification The John Maxwell Team USA.
Founding Partner and General Manager of CENDETH. – Center for the Development of Human Talent, a company focused on business training and consulting. He is also a consultant in Quality Management and Continuous Improvement, Financial and Commercial Strategies, Productive Leadership and Culture of Customer Service, for the Business sector, SMEs and Public Administration.
Previously, he worked at Excel Automotive for 15 years, during that time he was Operations Manager and General Manager of the Spare Parts and Accessories area.
Recently, finding an opportunity in the pandemic, he undertook in society in the business of events and distance celebrations, with the company Partytogether, focused on making people feel close to families and friends, in moments to celebrate life with loved ones .



Jun 19 2020

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Juan Carlos Leal


Juan Carlos Leal
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