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Dr. Ty Frederickson


He has twenty years of secondary classroom experience, eleven years have been working in international education in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. He is a former Literature and Theory of Knowledge instructor for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

He has spent the last seventeen years developing social justice, service learning, and leadership development programs for secondary and post-secondary students, educators, and administrators. His research interests are focused on the acquisition of leadership identities for student-leaders in social justice organizations, the role of service learning programs in whole child development, and the effect of building relationships across schools in the international community.

He is an experienced advocate for the reduction of human trafficking and forced labor in the Middle East and is personally and professionally has invested in building educational access programs, including technology integration, micro-financing, and livestock distribution, in rural Bangladesh to empower individuals and small communities to make informed, resource-driven choices.



Jun 19 2020

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