Teikirizi – Relax and Keep Going!

Alan Tenenbaum W.


Guatemalan, passionate for music, sports and travel. Graduate of Marketing at the University of Colorado. In June 2008, Alan had an accident, in which a dive into a swimming pool knocked him out, remaining him underwater and causing damage in the spinal dorse by the impact of two of his cervicals, and as a result, leaving him quadriplegic at the age of twenty-six.  Alan keeps fighting every day to have independence and keep doing the things he’s passionate about. His mission now is to share his story and life lessons through books and motivational talks, with the purpose of inspiring and touching as many lives as possible, so that everyone sees life and problems with a positive attitude, such as “¡a lo teikirizi & pa´lante!”.



May 15 2020

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Alan Tenenbaum


Alan Tenenbaum
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