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Julio Zelaya


Entrepreneur, Writer and International Speaker. Global expert in Entrepreneurship, Transformation and Change Management at personal and organizational levels, with extensive experience as a Consultant and Certified Coach.  He had trained more than 75,000 people per year in person and more than 500,000 in digital media. Founder of Universidad Corporativa Digital, Escolaris, Emprende U and Fábrica de Sueños. Executive member of The RBL Group in the United States, the company founded and directed by Dave Ulrich. Advisor to boards of directors around the world with global clients such as FEMSA, Walmart, Pepsico, Abbott, SAB Miller, Kimberly Clark, among others. Author of three Best Sellers # 1 on Amazon: “La Travesía: El Poder de Emprender”, “Catalyst: Gestión del cambio y transformación” and “La travesía del amor”.




May 15 2020

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Julio Zelaya


Julio Zelaya
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