If life gives you lemons, make michelada

Luis Pedro Peralta


His creativity and talent come from the different passions he has in his life,  primarily his family, also he is passionate about travel, sports and above all good taste in food. His history begins in 2001 when, still in the university, he founded with a friend a project name Los Shukos, in which they offered products with hygiene, high quality and good service. Since then, he knew that in addition to being creative, being a restaurateur was part of his profession.

After this success, he switched to other ideas and created other concepts; He now serves as the Chief Operating Officer for restaurants like MarysCo and El Barr. The first of these is frequently visited by those who are looking for low calorie foods, and the second is a place where many of the clients come in search of “after office” or meetings with friends.



May 15 2020

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Luis Pedro Peralta


Luis Pedro Peralta
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