Design= Fertilizer or poison?

Ariánne Engelberg


She is the Co-founder and Creative Director of The New Denim Project, a sustainable design laboratory and supra-recycled textile factory. It Collects textile waste from jeans manufacturers, and regenerates this material to create new fabrics, transforming them into products under a circular economy model. The manufacturing process is chemical free and uses minimal water and energy. Eco-industrial techniques reduce the consumption of new products, minimize the waste of virgin raw materials, and reuse discarded textiles and fibers to extend their useful life, creating ethical, clean and high-end products. The New Denim Project was created as a new line of innovative products from Iris Textiles, an industrial group that has been operating since 1956 in Guatemala with the purpose to join technology and ecology in its production to be environmentally responsible and competitive. The project was named by FORBES one of the 30 promises in Central America that transformed the isthmus, and one of the 50 most innovative companies by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).


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