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It´s time to Join Efforts and get ahead

Ascending Mind is a collaborative platform that seeks to bring together the leading voices that have made changes at home and abroad. The project was born out of a desire to unite and lift up our Guatemala, as we have faced many adversities and uncertainties in recent months. This pandemic changed our lives completely but opened new doors for us to change our country and the world.


Transform, inform and inspire our followers, through messages of hope, motivation and optimism to elevate their minds and make them become agents of change for their country.


To be a collaborative platform recognized for bringing together leading voices generators of change that enhance meaningful changes in the community in which we find ourselves, both in Guatemala and outside our borders.

Objective 1

The first is to inform and transform. That is why exhibitors and recognized figures have come together to explore new opportunities and change the minds of Guatemalans and people around the world through different approaches and professions. In the virtual event, we will all meet to listen to the point of view of each exhibitor where the topics will be varied from economy, personal image, entrepreneurship, adversity and many topics always with the motivational line and with a general message for all audiences. The talks are completely free for everyone through Facebook Live and access is through our page

Objective 2

The second objective is to demonstrate our solidarity. The event recognizes the extreme needs that the country is going through and the vulnerable population that needs our help. That is why we invite listeners to donate to these four organizations completely voluntary. The donation will work through the page and for your contribution you will be able to opt for all the talks that we will screen at the events.

Over 100 Speakers
Charity Organizations
Over 7 Editions And Counting
Some of our Speakers

Some of the exhibitors at past events are

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